March 11, 2024

IFF funds creation of block courses by I-CAR New Zealand

I-CAR New Zealand were recipients of a grant from the Inspiring Futures Foundation in 2023 for the creation of three new courses, benefitting apprentices in the collision repair industry.

The grant funded the creation of all lesson plans, teaching resources, workshop projects and assessment materials for the Fill, Sand and Prime Course, the Strip and Refit Course, and the Plastic Welding and Repair Course.

These materials were used successfully in the running of two apprentice block courses, run over two weeks at the I-CAR Training Centre in Auckland. These courses will be rolled out again in 2024.

These block courses have directly benefitted the young apprentices who attended, with many achieving several credits towards their qualifications as a result of attending. Employers have also benefitted from their increased skill set and confidence.

Further information on the courses can be found in the attached article, published in the July-August 2023 edition of PanelTalk